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Here is the list of shows and musical services available for your venues and events. Whether it's for a fundraising activity, a corporate gala or simply to entertain your audience, David Bérubé Musique, with his many years of experience and his concern for a job well done, is committed to make your event a success with the passion for the stage of its artist and founder David Bérubé.



Presentation :

Immerse yourself in the explosive musical universe of David Bérubé. A multi-talented pianist presents his brand-new solo show PARTICIPIANO!

A virtuoso with perfect pitch, David tells you his story and performs for you the pieces that have marked his artistic career, whether it's a piece by Beethoven, the Beatles or Elton John! He then invites spectators to join him on stage in a variety of participation acts designed for the show, where a few spectators can create and play music with David, even if they're not musicians. Just goes to show, we all have a musician in us! 

That's PARTICIPIANO! An entertaining, surprising and innovative show.

Description : Musical variety show, diverse repertoire (classical, popular, film music, etc.), 1 artist on stage,

2 pianos, interaction with the audience, participation numbers


Formula :

Original formula (concert halls and festivals)

  • Full show (2 parts of 35 minutes) / Showcase: 20 minutes

  • Adult repertoire

Corporate & charity formula

  • Full show (60 minutes) / Performance: 20 minutes

  • Adult repertoire

School formula

  • Full show (60 minutes)

  • Youth repertoire


Market : Concert halls, music festivals, corporate events (conventions, parties, etc.), charity events (fundraisers, etc.), school markets.


Advantages : Original concept, well-known repertoire and adapted to the public in place, simple technical specifications, affordable price.

Salle de concert


Presentation : "350 years of music" is a piano recital with a repertoire tailored to the audience, bringing together musical successes from the last 350 years ago to today. David will perform your favorite songs, whether it be Chopin, Aznavour, Beau Dommage, the Cowboys Fringants, Coldplay or Billie Eilish, in a classical concert style, while interacting with the audience during the event. David can add a few special requests to the concert (these requests must be communicated at least two weeks before the event).

Description : Intimate piano recital with varied repertoire, 1 artist on stage, 1 piano on stage, interaction with the audience


Formulas : Concert: 60 minutes / Performance (showcase): 20 minutes


Market : Concert halls, classical music festivals, corporate events, charity events, retirement homes


Advantages : Well-known repertoire, simple technical specifications, quick set-up and tear-down, affordable price

Technical sheet available on request

Table Centre de table


Presentation : David Bérubé will make your event a success with his musical choices and his piano arrangements and interpretation of songs and/or movie soundtracks. This will give a warm atmosphere to your event. You have one or more songs that you particularly like? David can offer you up to 3 special requests that he will include in his repertoire especially for your event.

Description : Ambient music, varied repertoire to the taste of the client, 1 musician, 1 piano


Formula : Fixed price per block of three (3) hours


Market : Corporate events, charity events, retirement homes, institutions


Advantages : Well-known repertoire, simple technical specifications, quick set-up and tear-down, affordable price

Technical sheet available on request

Spectacles: Témoignages


"His qualities of interpretation and transposition are eloquent. His creative genius is astonishing. You have to hear him play to be transported into a universe where passion and beauty are combined on a single diapason: his piano."

Louis Wauthier, artistic director, "La fabuleuse histoire d'un Royaume" (Théâtre du palais municipal, Saguenay (La Baie)).

"We were touched to realize that David knew the entire repertoire of the show. More than twenty-two songs as well as the sequences that he had learned in less than four days. In the song business, it is invaluable to have a pianist who works with such rigor."

Mario Saint-Amand, president and producer, Les Productions Saint-Amand Blues

"David has done an excellent job on all levels: a very versatile pianist, extremely reliable while demonstrating a positive and professional attitude. He is always committed to going the extra mile to make sure the job is done 100% right."

Leigh Aspinall, Music Supervisor, Grand Princess (Princess Cruises)

"His piano skills are phenomenal, and his approach is ideal. We are very fortunate to have David on our team."

Brad Black, Music Supervisor, Dawn Princess (Princess Cruises)

"David Berube's talent and charm created a musical atmosphere that all guests enjoyed.

Pierre Dufresne, Executive Director, AQDR Rosemont (35th Anniversary Cocktail/Convention)

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